Izlar is a painter whose work primarily orbits her personal battle with post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. Her inspiration is drawn from a plethora of sources, ranging from Egyptian mythology to her deep fascination with cognitive development and psychology...


Stephen’s work focuses on the relationship with digital, scientific, and medical data to address challenging subjects such as conflict, death, and division. The works are intended to challenge our disassociation with conflict and oppression....


Lawrence Francis Crane is a self taught, contemporary Figurative and Portrait Artist based in London. He has developed his painting and drawing techniques inspired by the classical approach to draughtsmanship and oil painting. Within each work, Lawrence aims to connect narrative and visual storytelling...


Amber, an artist based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, expresses her creativity through oil painting. As a student studying Biomedical Science, she nurtures her passion for art alongside her academic pursuits. With her second exhibitions...


Born 11th of August 1994 in Cambridge, UK. Studied art in secondary and college. Miah has always been ambitious and highly sensitive. Inspired, touched and captivated by almost everything in his immediate surroundings. Around the age of 10, Miah vividly remembers having a love and strong fascination for drawing with pencils...


Brooke Danaher is a highly educated Nigerian born artist who resides in London, United Kingdom. Danaher has four university degrees, her background being law and business. She moved to the UK at a young age to peruse her studies, the mix of the two demographics and culture has allowed Brooke to express herself through her art..


O. D Adedeji is an artist based in London, England. As a portrait artist of Nigerian descent, she incorporates her heritage and cultural background into her artworks to reveal the beauty and dynamism of Africa and the diaspora to new audiences.

Emily Stanisavljevic

Emily is a 22 year old London born artist and all-round creative. Her passion for creating and storytelling finds expression through various mediums...

Lea Rose

Born in 1998, Lea Rose Kara is originally from Kyiv, Ukraine, and now lives in London, UK . Lea’s practice is primarily STEM-based and is grounded conceptually in biology, technology, and epistemology....

Echoes Of Our Earth

As artists, we, Kira and Manuel, bring together our shared passion for creativity and our backgrounds as nurses to create art that speaks to the urgent environmental crisis our world faces today. Hailing from Germany and India, we have witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of human activity on the planet and the dire need for change. Through our art, we aim to ignite awareness, inspire action, and provoke a collective sense of responsibility...


Seònaid Gowdie is an artist and designer from Croydon. She graduated in 2020 after studying Theatre Design at Wimbledon College of Art. Her skills include, but are not limited to, painting, illustration and digital art. She is also interested in film making and art direction...


Born and raised in Warsaw, Poland, Wiktoria Figurska is a 19 years old, passionate, self-taught artist. Currently, she is studying fashion business in London, while creating as much as she can in her free time, pouring out her heart and mind into her works...


I am deeply interested in art as a form of dissection. Utilising its many forms to dismember the internal and external, personhood, identity and being. With influences from my passion for and study of archaeology & anthropology within my work, my art...