Isobel Smith


Izlar is a painter whose work primarily orbits her personal battle with post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. Her inspiration is drawn from a plethora of sources, ranging from Egyptian mythology to her deep fascination with cognitive development and psychology. With a passion for vibrant colour palettes and juxtaposed materials, her works often possess the use of rich pigments and mixed media. Through her use of figurative and fluid painting, she visually depicts the repercussions of the pivotal experiences of her life to date in her large-scale surrealist-inspired works. She is interested in creating narrative scenes within her paintings that provide an accurate insight into the sombre reality of the impact of trauma, revealing the ‘behind the scenes’ of recovery that the media so often fails to accurately represent. It is her ambition to provide the viewer with a more human and unembellished portrayal of the process of psychological healing to aid in creating a sense of understanding and togetherness for trauma survivors in times of adversity. While her practice predominantly explores these themes, her work occasionally harbours subjects concerning interpersonal relationships, addiction, childhood experiences, her relationship with the physical body and more. Her artistic methodology provides the artist with an opportunity to purge the darkness felt from within; transforming it into a creative process that nourishes her with both hope and therapeutic relief. This process acts as a catalyst for her to eradicate suppressed memories and emotions related to trauma and the subsequent emotional wounding. Izlar, aged twenty-seven, currently works as a scenic painter in several locations around the UK and lives in London, developing her creative practice in her fine art studio.