Lawrence Crane


Lawrence Francis Crane is a self taught, contemporary Figurative and Portrait Artist based in London. He has developed his painting and drawing techniques inspired by the classical approach to draughtsmanship and oil painting. Within each work, Lawrence aims to connect narrative and visual storytelling, revealing a deeper insight into how we perceive our own journey and how it has shaped us. Figurative and Portraiture Art and their visual narrative has continued to fascinate Lawrence since he began to create. Lawrence continues to research and study the historical and contemporary approaches to Art, exploring a dichotomy which Lawrence is inspired by and utilises within his work. Lawrence's work weaves together narrative and metaphors to explore his own experiences with mental health and the impact that it has upon our experience of the world. His work is the response to his experiences on the impact that mental health has to our physical and emotional connection within ourselves and our connection to those that we are surrounded by. Currently, his work focuses on the gesture created through dance and marrying this with elements that are found in the world around us, creating a reality that transcends this reality.