Wiktoria Figurska


Born and raised in Warsaw, Poland, Wiktoria Figurska is a 19 years old, passionate, self-taught artist. Currently, she is studying fashion business in London, while creating as much as she can in her free time, pouring out her heart and mind into her works, as well as seeking out opportunities in the artistic community. Since she was little, art and the creative process behind works of art were of great interest to her. Throughout her childhood, she expressed herself in a wide variety of ways: from painting, drawing, sculpting, sewing to dancing, singing, playing instruments. The young artist constantly has her mind wrapped around creativity and loves exploring mediums, researching other creators and topics, looking at them from different, fresh perspectives. She primarily drives her inspiration from nature, life experiences or situations, as well as societal behaviours and what she is exposed to on a daily basis. The themes of “identity” and “nature” are most notably explored by Wiktoria, as she has always been drawn to the complex abstraction of existence and the way one conveys their ‘true self’ through thoughts, beliefs and appearances. In the body of works, the artist constantly questions her own identity and the creation of it, as well as her ‘role’ in regards to nature and society, bordering on psychological and spiritual concepts. She loves to visually communicate her imaginative ideas through various media, techniques and styles, of which surrealism and abstraction appeal the most to her.